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True Liposomal

– Liposomes are tiny nano-sized bubbles with an outer shell comprised of healthy lipids, which protects the nutrients from being broken down by gastric juices and liver enzymes during their journey through the stomach. This helps ensure maximum absorption, bioavailability, and potency. We use the finest natural, non-GMO sunflowers to derive our lipids. Our liposome manufacturing process does not use heat or pressure, which can damage or alter the lipid structure.

Advanced Dietary Supplements

True Liposomal + Vitamins?

In order to unlock the power of supplements, your body has to be able to absorb them. But a lot of vitamins don’t absorb at all and they go right through you, that’s why you might suffer from an upset stomach.

True Liposomal helps your body absorb the nutrition from supplements. It acts like a little bubble that surrounds the vitamins and minerals and supports maximum absorption into your bloodstream. Liposomes are made up of the same thing as the walls of your body cells, it’s called Phosphatidylcholine. It is completely natural and we get ours from sunflowers.


Our production facility is specifically certified for liposome manufacturing.

High Quality

– Our testing and end-to-end production process is lab-grade, so your supplements are too.

Dr. Blair

Over the past 13 years, Dr. Blair has developed, refined and implemented a proprietary and innovative method for manufacturing custom liposome formulas. Since the development of this method, Dr. Blair has won several awards from the scientific community and has two patents pending.

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