Award-Winning Chemist

Dr. Emek Blair

Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry
Occidental College in Los Angeles, California.

Doctorate in Chemistry
University of California, Irvine.

Over The Past 13 Years,

Dr. Blair has developed, refined and implemented a proprietary and innovative method for manufacturing custom liposome formulas.

In 2010,

– Dr. Blair began formulating and licensing True Liposomal products to companies.

In early 2015,

– Started manufacturing liposomal products, vitamin supplements, herbal extracts and energy/nutrition drinks using the True Liposomal Proprietary Method developed by Dr. Blair.


Dr. Blair has formulated upwards of 100 unique liposomal formulas that have successfully been brought to market by some of the largest brands in the world. Since the development of this method, Dr. Blair has won several awards from the science and supplement industries and has two patents pending.

Maximum Absorption

Vitamins Of The Future

– We use only the finest natural, non-GMO sunflowers to create True Liposomal.

Our True Liposome is the only manufacturing process that DOES NOT use heat or pressure, which can damage or alter the lipid structure.

We manufacture the future of vitamins

Production Process

Liposome Certification

– We are the only supplement manufacturer to be specifically certified to produce True Liposomal supplements.

  1. Ingredients are tested for purity, identity, and strength.
  2. Supplements are weighed and mixed precisely.
  3. Purified water is used in all processes.
  4. Actives are compounded with lipids in our proprietary process for organic liposomes.
  5. Liposomes are flavored.
  6. The product is packaged and tested again for purity, identity, and strength.
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