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Product Reviews

This has given me the deepest  longest and most fulfilling sleep that I can remember

– Janice

I like the fact that these are not addictive and I can take them whenever I want. It’s helped me go to sleep fast and stay asleep longer

– Jessica  

Good taste,  great packaging,  and an excellent blend of ingredients to improve sleep. I’m very happy!

– Mary  

once youll go liposomal youll never go back

– Jacob  

Within like 30 minutes of taking it before going to sleep it helps me fall asleep within 10-15 minutes after closing my eyes. I stay asleep for the hole night until my alarm wakes me up. Great value for the price.

– Cindy  

better sleep   thank you

– Will

works for me!

– Liz

I feel like I’m able to focus and  concentrate a lot better at work, and I have the energy to do it.       I’ll be stocking up on this!

– Brian

Super easy to add to my morning craziness! and keeps me energized throughout the day.  I followed the instructions, and no jitters or other issues

– Jane 

Healthier than coffee and cheaper too. I’ll take this over coffee any day of the week!

– Michelle

not bad     gave me a nice boost durring the day

– Kevin

does not work as good as my cup of coffee in the morning but at least does not have that coffe crash

– Harris

exactly the vitamin c that I was  looking for. Works very well with my immune system and doesn’t give me any stomach issues.

– Buddy

The perfect product for the flu season.      I take it 2 tims daily and have not gotten sick. It works better than I thought it would!

– Jess


– Lucy

Great product. High  dose vitamin c that helps me recover from my colds much faster and doesn’t give me nausea or an upset stomach.      It’s my go-to for high dose vitamin c.

– Sophia

does the job and does not irritate my gut

– Eric

not only does it boost our    immune systems, but it also makes us feel more energized during the day! an unexpected side benefit but a very welcome one 🙂

– Phil

would buy again

– Jake

I think the benefits outweigh the taste but thats just me, dont like the taste get the capsule one

– Milana

Within the first month of using it   my skin looks clearer and my nails and hair are growing faster and stronger. Love it

– Solange

would prefer a better taste but at least it works so i am givving it 4 stars

– Nathan

vitamin c with great, simple ingredients and none of the stomach issues. My immune system is thankful   LOL

– Kate

could taste better


Good product!

– Chris

Works well and puts me to sleep quickly

– Faith

easy to use product that is a nice  addition my diet, Easy to use, and great price. Highly recommended

– Zack

would recomend

– Laura

I appreciate that it’s made with vegetarians and vegans in mind. It doesn’t make me feel bloated or nauseous. I’ll be buying it again.

– Matthew

As advertised.


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