Dr. Leo Galland

creator of Dr. Galland’s TLC



Bachelor Degree
Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Medical Training
New York University-Bellevue Medical Center.

Board-certified in
Internal Medicine.

Fellow of The American College of Physicians
& The American College of Nutrition Internal Medicine.

Research Fellowship
University of Connecticut Health Center.

Listed in Leading Physicians of the World
& America’s Top Doctors.

Awarded by Marquis Who’s Who

A Pioneer In

Alternative Medicine

– Dr. Galland is an expert in nutritional science, environmental health, and behavioral medicine. Developing an innovative approach to diagnoses and treatment that is based upon integrating all of these aspects of the person into medical care.

International Recognition

Dr. Leo Galland received international recognition for developing innovative nutritional therapies to treat autoimmune, inflammatory, allergic, infectious and gastrointestinal disorders and has described his work in numerous scientific articles and textbook chapters.

Dr. Galland’s practice is grounded in

3 Principles

1. Search for the root causes of each person’s illness; don’t just suppress symptoms with drugs.

2. Treat every patient and every illness as unique.

3. Choose treatments that enhance rather than suppress normal function, whenever possible.


Dr. Leo Galland’s mission is to improve health care by integrating advances in nutritional, environmental & behavioral science.



– Integrated Medicine couples the latest scientific advances with the most profound insights of ancient healing systems, providing you with the best ways to preserve your health, increase your longevity and speed up your recovery from illness.

– Integrated Medicine recognizes that the outcome of all health care is strongly dependent upon four powerful influences in the lives of each person.

1. Relationships

The social support network: family, friends, involvement in the community, and a strong doctor-patient alliance.

3. A Healthy Environment

Protection from chemical and biological toxins.

2. Diet and Lifestyle

Nutrition, habits, and the daily pattern of rest and exercise.

4. Detoxification

The body’s ability to self-purify and protect itself from internal toxicity.

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